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Please Read The Following Instructions

           For the playoffs your pick'ems and $30 gift  is due before kickoff of the 1st game of the week .  Complete the form below to include your name, last initial, email address and choose your method of gift payment in the form dropdown list. (Cash App, Venmo or PayPal )

           You earn a point for correctly selecting the winning team for each game.  You also earn a point for selected the over or under for each game.  Select the checkbox next to your pick for the winner of each game and select the checkbox for the Total Points Over or Total Points Under for each game.

Enter the total points for the Sunday night game in the blank at the end of our selections in case there is a tie.  The closest to the point total wins the tie breaker. 

Notifications and Payouts

           The gift cash value for the potential winner will be announced on the WINNERS CIRCLE page after the 1st kickoff of the week.  The totals for all sheets and the winner of the gift cash value will be announced on the WINNERS CIRCLE page after the last game of the week.  Winners will be rewarded on Wednesday following the last game.

           If you have question please use the chat app located at the bottom of this page. 


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